About Us

Micro Strands are the world’s smallest hair extensions method, suitable for all different types of hair including fine thin hair.  We offer 2 different types of application methods.

  • Micro Strands cold keratin: This method is applied with a cold keratin glue without heat, very simple application that can last up to 6 moths without maintenance. The hair can be reused or replaced with new hair after removal. This cold keratin bonds are so tiny that they are undetectable and very flat, suitable for fine and thin hair.
  • Micro Strands micro beads: This method is applied with a bead and pliers, no heat or glue with this application. Very simple application that requires maintenance every 2-3 moths by moving the bead up. With this method you can re-use the hair for up to 2 years depending on the color and care. Please visit How To Apply page for more application information and videos.


Micro Strands offers luxury hair from all around the worlds, we offer Russian Eastern European, Brazilian, hair extensions at an affordable price. Our hair is hand crafted without using harsh chemicals like acid wash and silicones. Most hair sold in the USA is chemically treated to remove all cuticle making the hair looks unnatural and flat. Micro Strands uses a natural process to color the hair without removing the cuticle and without altering the natural texture of the hair. We offer raw virgin single donor Eastern European hair, Eastern European hair, Brazilian hair, Single donor Russian hair, etc…. please visit our hair page for all available hair.

  • Double Drawn: Our hair is double drawn so the ends are nice and thick. Using double drawn hair is less damaging for the natural hair because you won’t have to use as much hair extensions.
    Large selection of colors in stock and length up to 26”
  • Cuticle Intact: Is hair that the cuticle was never stripped or removed with acid, Micro Strands only sells high quality cuticle intact hair.
  • Single Donor: Is hair that came only from 1 person, this hair is very high quality because the donor had very healthy hair and the hair was gently cared for using high quality natural products.
  • Virgin Hair: Is hair that was never colored or processed in any way. The hair comes in all different natural colors. Our virgin hair is single donor hair and very high quality.
  • Same day shipping! All orders placed by 3:00 PM EST will be shipped same day.
  • We update our sale page every week, please look for special discounts on our luxury European hair extensions.